International Labor Organization

About the Committee

This committee aims to promote international and lasting peace through social justice. It accomplishes its works through comprises of the representatives of governments, employers, and workers, and it aims to set international standards for labour rights, social protection and equal opportunity for all. Delegates of this committee will examine critical social and labour issues, and find global solutions to said problems.


  1. Combating Slavery in the 21st Century
  2. Combating Exploitation and Discrimination in the Workplace

About the Chairs

Hadi Atteli

chair     hadi_1997@hotmail.com
Hadi Atteli is a senior student at the College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah. Hadi is an ambitious person, with big dreams who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur someday. He believes that hard work and commitment are the keys to success. He shows great interest in public speaking and any event of that sort. With previous MUN experiences, he always encourages his peers to take part in the MUN, emphasising on the fact that it provides students with a better understanding and an insight of what is going on in the world, as well as how things work from a political point of view. He also believes that it helps the youth think differently and work diplomatically, requiring them to work together to solve various world broad political dilemmas.

Sarah Al Saeid

co-chair     saraa.alsaeed@hotmail.com
Sarah Al Saeid is an International Relations and Journalism student studying at the American University of Sharjah. She has held various positions in MUN and been to several conferences in and out of the UAE where she won many awards, the latest being the Diplomacy Award at Bahrain Universities Model United Nations. Now, along with being a full-time student, she is the director of human resources for AUSMUN2020.

Abdelrahman Alaaalden Abualadas

co-chair     abdulrahmanadas@gmail.com
Abdulrahman Abualadas is currently a senior in Alzuhour private school Sharjah and is looking forward to studying medicine when he graduates. Besides that, he has interests in swimming and gaming. He has been doing MUN for three years and has always improved going through it. MUN has helped him to build a bigger capacity to emphasize with other countries, and their problems, as well as encouraged him to develop his leadership and diplomatic skills. He believes that MUN isn’t just a competition, it’s a way of exchanging information, ideas, and socializing with others; other than that it allows you to improve your public speaking skills and enhance your ability to negotiate with people of opposing views. Abdulrahman believes that dedication is what sets you apart from anybody else and participating in such an event will add endless diversity of perspectives to your thoughts and the way you think. Abdulrahman enjoys all aspects of being a chair or delegate in conferences and loves to connect with delegates. He hopes that all of you are excited as he is for the conference, and he can’t wait to see the committee engaging in different ideas and finding potential solutions.