International Atomic Energy Agency

About the Committee

This committee is widely known as the world’s “Atoms for Peace” organization. It is the international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field. The committee works to promote the safe, secure, and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.


  1. Strengthening International Cooperation with Regards to Nuclear Facilities
  2. Managing Security and Failures Around Nuclear Facilities (with Special Emphasis on Chernobyl and Fukushima)

About the Chairs

Shivikha Shivananda

chair     shivikhas@gmail.com
Shivikha Shivananda is currently is junior at the Indian High School Dubai. She started MUN in grade 8 and soon dedicated most of her high-school to it. Through MUN and debate, she hopes to one day become a renowned human rights lawyer. In committee, she expects thriving debate and comprehensive resolutions, which will not only be a learning experience for the delegates but her as well.

Rawan Khalil

co-chair     rawan.khalil@mymail.aud.edu
Rawan is a fifth-year architecture student at the American University in Dubai. She has participated in multiple MUN conferences throughout her high school years in Kuwait as well as AUDMUN, and this will be her first time chairing. Chairing MUN has always been on her bucket list, and she is very much looking forward to having the opportunity to do so in her final year at university. Rawan has a broad scope of passions which are very varied and include swimming, debating, sketching and reading. She was a part of AUD Debate Club and is trying to revive her passion for politics. Her goal is to provide a positive experience for alums as well as newcomers into MUN using her varied experiences over the last four years of university.

Mohammad Khalaili

co-chair     mohammad.khalaili1710@gmail.com
Mohammad Khalaili is currently a student at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (RIT Dubai) majoring in Marketing. Khalaili’s MUN journey started back in his high school senior year. Due to his interest in politics, debating, and public speaking, Khalaili became obsessed with MUN, and he would take every chance to be part of any prestigious conference. Mohammad has taken several roles in several local and international conferences and is currently the President of the MUN club at RIT Dubai. With every conference that Khalaili takes part in, he sees new things that could be learned and taught, which could help to build up sharp and futuristic generations.