Group of 77

About the Committee

Considered to be the largest intergovernmental organization of developing nations in the UN, this committee encourages promoting the collective economic interests between its countries. It also works to more rapidly facilitate South-South cooperative efforts to foster development. In this committee, a chairman, who acts as spokesman, coordinates the group’s activities in each chapter. The chairmanship, which is the highest political body within the organizational structure of the Group of 77, rotates on a regional basis between Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Delegates of this committee aspire to enhance their joint negotiating capacity on all major international economic issues within the United Nations system.


  1. Finding Debt Management Solutions
  2. Social and Economic Causes of Poverty

About the Chairs

Najwa Hubaishy

chair     [email protected]
Najwa Hubaishy is an AUS Junior majoring in International Relations and Minoring in Environmental Policy. Hubaishy’s interest in politics led her to participate in over 10 model conferences, including MUN and MC. This left her with a broad understanding and knowledge on model conferences and procedures that go into them. Najwa is also the current AUS Model Congress Executive board secretary. She is extremely delighted to be part of AUDMUN for the second time and wishes you a fruitful and productive conference.

Parnika Chaturvedi

co-chair     [email protected]
Parnika is currently a humanities student in Delhi Private School, Sharjah. Aspiring to one day stand amongst the esteemed delegates of the United Nations Human Rights Council, she wishes to acquire a law degree. She could be described as one, with adroitness in leadership, willing to speak her mind and enthusiastic about connecting with new people. MUNs continue to play an integral role in her student life. It has not just refined her public-speaking skills but also has provided her with the opportunity to encounter various issues and enlighten others and her with possible resolutions on an international level. She believes that Model UN helps one grow into a leader, discover their future, become confident in their self, provide one a platform to endorse their self into the pressing matters of the global society and form lasting friendships with people. In addition to public speaking, she adores dancing, reading, and often writing poems. She hopes her work as co-chair makes the AUDMUN’19 an enlightening and memorable experience for all the delegates.

Yusuf Shanableh

co-chair     [email protected]
Yusuf is a freshman at the American University of Sharjah and is taking computer engineering as his major. Yusuf likes to pass the time socialising and reading. He has participated in MUNs as a delegate several times and is a long-running passion of his. This is his second time chairing, and he looks forward to meeting everyone and enjoying fruitful debates in this years committee