United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The UNODC addressees the issues of drug abuse, the illegal trafficking of drugs, crime prevention, political corruption, human trafficking, money laundering, and international terrorism. Its objective is to limit the existence of such issues in the international community 


I. Opiate Trade and Trafficking

II. The Global Cocaine Trade

About the Chairs

Natasha Nazi

chair     natashanazy8@gmail.com

Natasha is a Lebanese who has lived in the UAE for most of her life. Her MUN experience started back when she was still in high school. Now a Junior at the American University of Sharjah she is the Director of Human Resources for AUSMUN and has participated in numerous conferences as both a delegate and chair. She has chaired many committees including Security Council and the World Health Organizations. She is currently pursuing her BA in International Relations with minors in History and Women’s Studies.

Mohamad Mala Ali

co-chair     mohamad.malaali@mymail.aud.edu

Mohamad is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the American University in Dubai. Mohamad has many ambitions, with his studies as a priority. The idea of AUDMUN caught his attention and he was immediately interested in taking part of such an exhilirating experience. This is his first time experiencing AUDMUN, and he is definitely very excited to meet all of you at the UNODC committee in AUDMUN 3.0!