International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Difficulty: Beginner & Intermediate

About the Committee

The IMF was created in 1944 as a result of the Bretton Woods Conference, and its objecvtives include managing the balance of payments and solve international financial crises by having its Member States contribute funds which countries in need can borrow from in order to fix their balance of payments issues. 


I. Tax Avoidance and the Panama Papers

II. Rebuilding Former War Zones

About the Chairs

Leila Khattab

co-chair     g00071226@aus.edu

Leila Khattab was born in The United Arab Emirates where she is currently majoring in Mass Communication with the concentration of public relations in her sophomore year. Since she grew up in a country where she has been exposed and introduced to a variety of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles from nationalities all over the world. This itself has been a starting point in her interest to participate in actives which introduces many forms of political views, diplomatic debates, personal opinions, and resolutions towards certain issues relating to individuals who suffer from current economic issues and its history. Leila has a handful of experiences when it comes to the MUN in different positions as well. Currently, her position in the IMF committee is the co-chair for the upcoming AUDMUN 2017.

Mohammad Khalaili

chair     b00069944@aus.edu

Mohammad Khalaili is currently a sophomore at the American University of Sharjah studying Electrical Engineering. Khalaili’s MUN journey started his high school senior year. Due to his interest in politics, Khalaili became obsessed with MUN, and he would take every chance to participate in a conference. Mohammad has taken several roles in several local and international conferences. Khalaili has been part in several conferences such as HMCD, AUSMUN, and AUDMUN.

Lobna Abouelleil

co-chair     g00064905@aus.edu

Lobna is a junior majoring in International Relations at AUS. She has a strong passion for literature, philosophy, politics and law. She has participated in various MUN conferences, including NMUN in Washington, D.C and NMUN in New York in which her delegation received the “Outstanding Delegation” award. She plans on studying law in the future and believes that her MUN experience has greatly shaped her love and passion for law, problem-solving and debating.