Security Council (UNSC)
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The Security Council is one of the principal committees in the United Nations and is set up for the purpose of ensuring safety and security across all member states. All UN member states must comply with the decisions reached by the Security Council. The Security Council is a unique committee; it comprises of only fifteen members, out of which five are permanent members having ‘Veto Powers’ (unilaterally preventing clauses or resolutions from being passed by voting against it). The Security Council is primarily a crisis committee, which adds a vested twist into normal parliamentary procedures. It is a popular choice at many MUN conferences and requires due diligence and preparatory inducement. This year's AUDMUN Security Council promises both intellectual debate as well as diplomatic engagement.

For more information on the Security Council, please visit their official website.


I. The Situation in the South China Sea

II. Peace and Stability in Central Africa

About the Chairs

Miriam Mecnarowski

co-chair     miriam.mecnarowski@gmail.com

Miriam is a German of Polish origin currently carrying out her Law studies in Germany and looking forward to specializing in International Law. Amongst her passions are playing the violin, learning languages, asking far-fetched questions, and, of course, MUNing. She began her MUNs in 2013, and has gone from being member of the Executive Committee in BIMUN/SINUB, to delegate in various MUNs, and now Co-Chair. She is delighted to chair for the first time in the UAE, given her experience representing Arab countries, which she finds fascinating.

Nicolas Herrero Folley

chair     nicolasherrerofolley@gmail.com

Nicolas is a Law graduate currently living in Bonn, Germany, while working and carrying out his studies in a Master in Law. He has lived in Madrid and Budapest, and started his MUN adventure back in 2013, when Trump or Syria were only distant echoes in the noisy and turbulent Foreign Affairs landscape. If you want to catch his attention, do not make a reference to Spanish football teams, bullfighting or “tapas”; but perhaps mention how you think the economy of your nation will fare in the near future or what the prospects for the development of the Central African Republic are. For him, the best gathering includes interesting people from the most remote corners of the world, red wine and good music. 


This will be his second time visiting the UAE and is looking forward to establishing long lasting friendships with participants at the biggest MUN in Dubai.