UN Women
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

Keeping in mind the concern that women in several developing and developed countries lacked access to employment and suffered from gender wage gaps, the United Nations decided to create the UN Women committee in 2010. The main goal of the committee has been to achieve gender equality. The committee works towards this by eliminating discrimination against women and girls and empowering them, as well as ensuring women enjoy equal rights to their male counterparts, both within the workplace and beyond. It has thus far made enormous efforts in promoting gender equality, ending violence against women and bridging the wage gap between the sexes.

Adapted from the UN Women’s official website.


I. Improving Women's Reproductive Rights

II. Measures to End Violence Against Women Migrant Workers

About the Chairs

Parthsarthi Suri

co-chair     psuri2001@hotmail.com

Parthsarthi (Parth) is from India, but has lived in Dubai his whole life and his currently in his first year for the IB Diploma Program at Emirates International School - Jumeirah. Parth first found his love for MUN, when he joined the Montessori Model UN, where he was taught the skills required for MUN, while he was in Year 8. Parth is a firm believer in Women rights and that was one of the reasons he applied for the UN Women committee specifically. Parth has been participating in Model United Nations conferences ever since the start of high school and has ever since then participated in ten conferences as delegate, chair, co-chair and moderator. Parth is a huge cricket fan and has been playing cricket ever since he was 5. By joining AUDMUN 3.0 as UN Women Co-Chair Parth would like to help delegates to learn about issues they thought did not even exist and would like to make the experience as awesome as possible for everyone.

Haya Amer Ojel

chair     g00068339@aus.edu

Haya is a Syrian Industrial Engineering student at the American university of Sharjah. She has experienced different positions and different committees in MUN conferences since high school, and is delighted to chair one of her favorite committees in her first AUDMUN experience. 

Farida Khalil

co-chair     Farida.khalil@mymail.aud.edu

Farida was born in Cairo, raised in Beirut and Jeddah, and is currently living and studying in Dubai. Her exposure to various locales and cultures has exposed her to international dilemmas and played a vital role in teaching her to engage with situations and be an agent for innovation, development, and justice.  Her passion of putting pen to paper lead her to study journalism at AUD, where she is currently a junior student. Farida hopes that through her position as co-chair of UN Women, she will gain greater knowledge in politics and global issues, in order to better display, discuss, and critique them in her writings.