Human Rights Council (HRC)
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The Human Rights Council was created to promote and protect human rights all around the world. The HRC has 47 member states elected by the General Assembly. It has the right and obligation to discuss and respond to international human rights issues. 


I. Reallocation and Reeintegration of Refugees

II. Freedom of Expression: The Rights of Whistlblowers

About the Chairs

Arushi Dev

co-chair     arushiidev@gmail.com

Arushi is Indian, but has lived in Dubai her whole life. Currently studying in the IB Diploma Programme, she aims to have a science-related career in the future. Being a student in an international school, she has always been exposed to many cultures and ideologies. Fascinated by the views of different people, she began partaking in conferences 2 years ago. Her interest in diplomacy and debate grew, fuelling her passion for MUN. She decided to join AUDMUN to learn more about people’s viewpoints regarding global issues.

Muaaz Adra

chair     muaaz.farouk@gmail.com

Muaaz is a sophomore student at the American University of Sharjah, majoring in Industrial Engineering. His interest in MUN started back in his high school days. He has over 10 MUN experiences, in which he has achieved multiple awards. Most recently he was the Secretariat of the Human Rights Council for the AUSMUN 2017 conference. Muaaz has experienced MUN from multiple perspectives and has tried all positions. Muaaz has also participated in model congress conferences. He hopes to get the opportunity to hold the position of Secretary General one day. 

Faik Riad Sadek

co-chair     faiksadek1@outlook.com

Faik Sadek is a 17 year old second year finance student in AUD, that is of Palestinian Lebanese origins , but a holder of the U.S. nationality. Faik is participating in AUDMUN because Faik had a great experience in AUS' MUN as the delegate of Somalia in HRC, and now I look forward to being a co-chair in HRC, and I look forward to working with all the brilliant people taking part in AUDMUN.