Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is the third committee of the General Assembly. The committee discusses issues of social, humanitarian and human rights issues that affect the people of the world. The committee also talks about the advancement of women, protection of children, indigenous issues, treatment of refugees, and the right to self determination, to name a few. The committee interacts with a number of specialists on the issues that they address, including independent experts, charts of the working groups, etc. They are currently in their seventy first session, chaired by H.E. Ms. Maria Emma Mejia of Colombia.


I. Rehabilitation, Re-entry, and Reintegration of Displaced Individuals into Society

II. Addressing the Ethics and Monitoring the Development of Human Enhancement through Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

About the Chairs

Avitej Singh

co-chair     avitejsingh@gmail.com

Having completed 7 conferences, making AUDMUN his 8 th , Avitej has been quick to stack up experience. He only started back in March of 2016, with DIAMUN, but has since gone on to chair twice. His 3rd time chairing will be at AUDMUN 3.0. Avitej Singh is one of the younger chairs for AUDMUN, having only
been born in this millennium. He shows passion and enthusiasm about a variety of things, ranging from music to space, and from nuclear sciences to world politics. He loves performing arts, choosing guitar and drama as his pacifiers. According to him, there is nothing more important than understanding your mind before judging others. Growing up with people of science, he wants to go into heavy research into renewables and nuclear energy. His fire of passion burns bright for all his fields. Apart from his life goals, he wants to write and direct a play in college based on his favorite album. He is truly an all-rounder student, and he looks forward to chairing SOCHUM at AUDMUN 3.0.

Sara Alsaeed


Sara Alsaeed is a Syrian high school student, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Her extreme passion towards politics is what sparked her interest in Model United Nations. She initiated and organized her school’s first MUN participation at AUSMUN 2017, being the school’s advisor and head delegate at only 16. She joined Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi MUN and won the Best Delegate award. AUDMUN 3.0 will be her 3rd conference participation and 1st chairing experience. Sara believes that MUN conferences are giving her the chance along with many young adults to be trained as future diplomats and politicians, as this will be a great foundation towards her upcoming studies that she wishes to pursue in Political Science and International Relations. Ending all that formal talk, she can not wait to work with you all!