Economic and Financial (ECOFIN)
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

Also known as the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly, this committee's objective is to oversee economic growth and development, focusing on that related to the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Its area of focus includes food security and nutrition, globalization, sustainable development, and eliminating poverty.


I. Tax Avoidance and the Panama Paper

II. Rebuilding Former Warzones

About the Chairs

Jieun Lee

co-chair     asd8450@me.com

Jieun was born in Seoul, Korea and has lived in Ras Al Khaimah since 2015. She is currently a senior at Ras Al Khaimah Academy. Having founded the MUN club in her school, she runs sessions every week as the chair to practice the MUN conferences with her fellows. She is soon applying to universities in many countries for economics and social sciences major to study about economic problems throughout the world such as poverty, hunger, polarization and unemployment. She hopes to contribute to solving those problems in the future by working under international organizations such as OECD, Economic Commissions for Africa, FAO or WFP. She loves to discuss international affairs as well as meeting new passionate people, which is why she enjoys MUN so much and can’t wait to meet up with everyone in AUDMUN 2017!

Aayush Jaitly

co-chair     aayushj8@yahoo.com

 This is Aayush's 5th conference and definitely not his last. Aayush was born in Mumbai and is currently in his first year of the IBDP program at Emirates International School - Jumeirah. He is the President of the World Economic Forum at EISJMUN2017 and the Executive President at EISJMUN2017. He has previously won the best delegate award in the Security Council at HAGAMUN2017. His interests include a range of sports, movies, music and tv shows.