Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

Disarmament and International Security deals with disarmaments, global challenges and thrests to international peace and security. It handles disarmament and security matters within the scope of the charter and United Nations. It is the first committee of the General Assembly of the United Nation.



I. Cyber Warfare and Weaponisation of Social Media

II. Regulations Concerning Unmanned Aerial Systems

About the Chairs

Aryan Kolapkar

co-chair     aryan.kolapkar@gmail.com

Aryan was born in India and has lived in Dubai for nearly 12 years. He loves watching TV shows based on politics such as House of Cards, and has a special interest in the field of sustainable energy. His goal is to become a UN diplomat one day so as to work for the greater good of mankind. He had started his MUN career two years back and has since attended numerous local and international conferences. He has recently chaired the SPECPOL committee in DXBMUN’17, and will currently serve as the Co-chair of DISEC at AUDMUN 2017. He is looking forward to meet you all at conference!

Youssef M. Eyad

chair     sdyoussef112@gmail.com

Youssef is a second year International Law and Political Science student at the Paris-Sorbonne University. Youssef's MUN journey started when he was only 13 at DIAMUN'12 and he has been to 13 other conferences since then. He fell in love with MUN ever since he first began and has filled different roles in different committees such as chairing, defending cases as an attorney and judging at ICJ and also as the Founder and Secretary General of his highschool's MUN Club. Youssef is most interested in international relations, politics, diplomacy, psychology and last but definitely not least, gaming.

Sana Ashraf

co-chair     sana14ashraf@gmail.com

Sana is a Literature and Translation graduate whose MUN journey started in her sophomore year of high
school. Since then, she’s been to 7 MUNS – nationally and internationally – including Harvard’s World
Model United Nations in Rome (where she was in the presence of the then-Italian Prime Minister and
the Pope!), and NUST’S MUN in Islamabad (where she met and spoke with UN diplomats in Pakistan).
Through MUN, her life has transformed from the topics debated, conclusions reached, and people met.
She was also a UNICEF Peer Health Educator since her first year at university. She loves writing, –and
evidently, by her major– literature, poetry, laughing, good talks on philosophy, art and apple pie. She’s
also excited for heated debate and meeting you all at the conference.