Advisory Panel
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

Composed of eighteen experts from across various regions of the world, the Advisory Panel serves as a think tank to help the Security Council write up well-developed resolutions to the issues discussed. Although the Advisory Panel cannot make decisions or pass resolutions, they hold a crucial role in suggesting solutions to the Security Council, who will deliberate accordingly, therefore, their resolutions should be implementation-orientated, practical and realistic. In this year’s AUDMUN Conference, the Advisory panel shall write up a resolutions with the same topics as the Security Council and converge in a joint session to join their resolutions.



I. The Situation in the South China Sea

II. Peace and Stability in Central Africa

About the Chairs

Paramjai Sandhu

co-chair     jaysandhu2000@gmail.com

Paramjai (Jai) is a year 12 Indian student in Emirates International School Jumeirah. Having moved to Dubai at the age of 2, Jai has been exposed to a multitude of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds throughout his life. Having done his first MUN conference in Singapore three years ago, Jai has since fallen in love with the concept of MUN; representing nations and organisations from around the world to address important issues. Hoping to help people in the future by becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon, Jai is kind hearted, warm and loves getting to know others and feels MUN is an amazing platform to do so! He also believes that AUDMUN is the next big step in his MUN life and is excited to be a co-chair in the APQ. 

Mohammad Atallah

chair     b00065892@aus.edu

Mohammad Atallah is Junior student at the American University of Sharjah. He is currently majoring in Computer Engineering and Mathematics. Despite his purely scientific majors, he was always interested in debating topics of global concerns. He has several Model United Nations and Model Congress experiences as a Chair and a Delegate. He represented his university’s delegation to NMUN New York 2017 and gave a speech in the UN Headquarters. His delegation won the Outstanding Delegation Award, which was the highest ranking provided by the conference. His appreciation for MUN conferences stems from his strong belief in leadership, critical thinking, public speaking and diplomacy as key factors of success in any aspect of life.

Annabelle Ghanem

co-chair     Annabelleghanem14@outlook.com

Annabelle is a Lebanese high school senior at the International School of Arts and Sciences who’s lived her entire life in Dubai. She has participated as a delegate in five respective conferences and was a member of the first AMSI MUN executive board. Annabelle is passionate about debating and hopes she can create a challenging and welcoming environment for all the delegates of the Advisory Panel! Her interests include; Football, Politics and all adrenaline related activities.