Press Corps
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The Press Corps is a very unique committee whose members act independently from other committees. The delegates act as journalists and reporters, with the intention of collecting news and stories on events happening within other committees. This could be done through observing conferences, listening to state representatives delivering speeches, as well as interviewing other delegates and the conference Secretariat. The delegates will be assigned to a news company before the conference. During the entire conference, the delegates will be representing this company and writing articles from the perspective of their media outlet.


About the Chairs

Ritika Dinesh

co-chair     ritika@sumanadinesh.com

Ritika is a year 12 Indian student studying in Emirates International School Jumeirah who is also a professional dancer in Indian classical dance, showing her love to explore the different parts of her culture. She moved to Dubai about a year and a half ago, but even before that, she had a great passion for taking part in MUN’s due to her love for debating and public speaking. She loves participating in MUNs because she feels that it is a great opportunity for one to showcase themselves as well as learn a lot of useful skills. Ritika truly believes that a very important skill in a person is to be able to associate with another and hence has chosen to take up pediatrics in the near future. Besides this, she enjoys a variety of activities such as drawing, painting, reading and even acting. Ritika has taken part in five MUN conferences till now with AUDMUN being her sixth. This is her first time as a co-chair. She is eagerly looking forward to seeing a conference from a different position as well as getting to know all of you this AUDMUN 2017 through the Press Corps!

Simone Noorali

co-chair     s.s.noorali@hotmail.com

Simone has lived in Dubai her whole life, and since discovering MUN only a few years ago, she knows joining the community was the best decision she has made. Currently in high school, she is still slightly unsure of what the future holds, but knows that debating animatedly about world affairs, constantly broadening her horizons, learning from the environment around her and meeting new people are things that she never wants to let go of. Having had eager involvement in MUN programs at her school and various conferences, both locally and internationally, Simone is looking forward to working with the Press Corps at AUDMUN in what will be a brand new experience!

Rohan Healy

chair     rohan.healy@mymail.aud.edu

Born in South Africa, Rohan Healy is currently in his third year at AUD. His field of study,
International Relations and his multicultural background motivated his interest in world
affairs as well as MUN. He has been chair the Press Corps in the AUDMUN of 2016 and
volunteered in the HMUN. Enthusiastic and passionate he strives to create the best possible
environment for those he works with.