Recent Crisis Committee
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The Recent Crisis Committee (RCC) is a simulation that speaks about the issues that are being addressed by the Security Council and other United Nations committees. Parties are urged to dispute issues in a peaceful way and are urged to adjust to methods and terms of settlement. This committee is consistently in crisis throughout the conference, unlike many other committees. The experience that is to be expected in this committee is more unpredictable, volatile and urgent than most, however, it is also an utterly exciting experience.


I. Mexican Drug War

II. Afghan War

About the Chairs

Tala Al Otaibi

co-chair     talaotaibi@hotmail.com

Tala is a Jordanian who has lived in Dubai her whole life. She is very passionate about debating and learning new things about the world of politics. She believes that MUN is a key to gain knowledge and skill and is a good measure to help bring people together. Tala’s MUN experience began as a delegate during high school where she has participated in conferences such as AUSMUN, AUDMUN and HMCD. Now, she hopes to continue her experience with chairing and is looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

Jagrit Digani

chair     jagrit06@gmail.com

Jagrit is a high school student who is a fervent debater and has a fondness for the platform of MUN, in specific, for crisis simulations. He relishes the unconventional, dynamic and heated debate incited by a committee tacking situations in real time. Having multiple previous crises and chairing experiences, Jagrit looks forward to welcoming you to the crisis committee at AUDMUN 3.0, posing in front of you an array of challenges and facilitating an exhilarating experience for all the delegates.