Historical Crisis Committee
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

The Historical Crisis Committee (HCC) is a simulation that speaks about the issues that have been addressed by the Security Council and other United Nations committees in the past. Parties are urged to dispute issues in a peaceful way and are urged to adjust to methods and terms of settlement. This committee is consistently in crisis throughout the conference, unlike many other committees. The experience that is to be expected in this committee is more unpredictable, volatile and urgent than most, however, it is also an utterly exciting experience.


I. Cuban Missile Crisis

II. Rwandan Genocide

About the Chairs

Muhammed Alan

chair     muhammedbera.alan@mymail.aud.edu

Muhammed is from Ankara, Turkey and he is a senior majoring in International Studies. Muhammed, one day hopes to be a professor of history and international relations. He is currently the Vice-President of the UNGC club and International Studies Charter at AUD. He has multiple certificates on professional International Media, leadership and contemporary Islamic issues & affairs. His interests include politics, philosophy and debating.

Sharath Nambiar

co-chair     sharath.15green@gmail.com

Sharath is an active MUNer and is currently a sophomore at the Indian High School, Dubai. Aspiring to later become either an architect, a lawyer or a psychologist, all he wants to do is to work towards resolving the problems of the public. He is greatly fascinated by the topics of sovereignty, global discrimination and nuclear non-proliferation. He has multiple chairing and delegates experiences in committees ranging from DISEC to HRC, to the Supreme Council of Sovereign States. Debating has always been a big part of his life, and he sincerely believes that MUN provides the perfect platform to hone one's abilities. His other interests include reading fiction, understanding people's problems and giving therapy without a license, and painting the musings of the mind. He can't wait to meet all of you and have an amazing conference!