International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The ICJ is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. Its role is to handle legal issues that have been submitted by countries in the global community, and to also provide advisory opinions in cooperation with the United Nations General Assembly. Court rulings issued by the ICJ can be enforced by the UN Security Council, however, it is still subject to veto power. 


I. Bosnian Genocide Case (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro)

II. Certain Iranian Assets (Iran v. United States)

About the Chairs

Tia Ali

co-chair     tiaali77@gmail.com

Tia Ali has both the Irish and Egyptian nationality, she was born in Dubai and is a Senior at Al Mawakeb School Barsha; but she would prefer to be known as ambitious, determined, and efficient in her work; especially when it comes to MUN, politics and world affairs. She’s a strong believer of the change every individual, his/her thoughts and speech can make. She aspires to go places and reach her peek and she believes that can only be achieved through experience, socializing, developing public speaking skills, and building her confidence. which is why she joined MUN in her early years of high school and progressed with it on a different level by becoming a co-chair in the ICJ committee (high school) as part of the AUDMUN team 2017; this would expose her to different opinions and views the delegates may reveal to her and to further encourage delegates to bring these resolutions and resolves further than the conference room, since she believes the bonds delegates make, the ideas they share and the resolutions that bring them together despite their diversity can help shape the world beyond this mock debate.

Hanan Arab

co-chair     hananarab@icloud.com

Hanan has recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies. She currently works at a law firm, hoping to expand her horizons with regards to international and local law. Hanan has taken part in over 20 MUN conferences, locally and internationally. The delegation she was a part of was awarded “Outstanding Delegation” at the National Model United Nations that took place in New York, USA in 2016 for the first time in AUS’s history. Hanan had held different posts in her MUN path, starting off as a delegate in high school and concluding both her high school senior year and university senior year as Secretary General.

Shamma Al Attar

chair     shammalattar@gmail.com

Shamma Al Attar, an Ajman native living in Dubai is a senior at Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha. A multi-talented high school student, that works during her free time as an Administrative Officer at United Ambassadors MUN Academy in Dubai. She also cofounded several non-profit  voluntary organizations in the UAE, including Jeel and Kilna Hadreen. A humanitarian advocate that travels to foreign countries to visit refugees and migrants in need to spread her country’s global message of peace tolerance. She’s planning to continue her studies in International Relations in the UK. She’s a very passionate debater and public speaker. She has been participating in MUN conferences for several years with broad experience in various MUN committees.